Communication in a Net-Based World

At a recent conference I attended, the keynote presenter spoke about social trends.  Rather than the term Gen Y, he prefers the term Net Generation.  His comment struck me as very applicable for our profession – it’s all about the net.


In titling this post I considered using in the title Web 2.0 or Web 3.0.  But that’s a distraction.  It’s about the web, Internet or intranet, platforms are irrelevant to the end user experience.  As communication professionals, content delivery is everything.


The way in which organizaitons use communications has changed dramatically.  Printed newsletters have been replaced by web-based content.  U-Matic and VHS, gone.  Now, digital video.  DVD, bye – replaced by web-based delivery.  Consider three recent press releases:


Cisco Delivers Advanced Network-Based Media Processing Platform – The gist of the release is that Cisco is now marketing a media processing platform that “simplifies live and on-demand media sharing across PCs, mobile devices, and other digital screens, by seamlessly formatting video and rich media for viewing on any device.”


Follow the money.


In another release, Ignite announced a content delivery solution that extends the delivery of “rich media within the enterprise and includes support for enhanced capabilities and delivery of content to mobile devices.”


The same day as the Cisco and Ignite releases came out, Brightcove announced a video platform alliance “to support online video initiatives to help customers grow businesses and expand the role of online video.”


I sometime joke and refer to this affect as YouTube-azation.  Joking aside, corporate communications has been radically reshaped by the web.  This becomes even more apparent as media professionals struggle with today’s punishing economic conditions.  Organizations have cut back on spending for marketing and advertising.  Yet, a recent industry report points to one bright spot.  In 2009, spending on webcasting is projected to increase by 30% over current year spending.  A survey of over 1,200 business executives by Interactive Media Strategies, shows that organizations are spending more on web-based multimedia to reduce travel, save time and money, while supporting sustainability (green) initiatives.


What are you doing to help your clients bring rich media to the web?  How can you differentiate your business and offer a service your clients need in today’s troubling economic times?  Those are the questions corporate communications professionals need to address.


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