Mission to Mars – Part 1 of 3

Travel is Mars is not for the faint of heart – nor is constructing a creative campaign based on the idea of distant space travel.  Last month the JMP (pronounced Jump) division of SAS released their latest software version, JMP® 8.  Working with the creative team supporting the market introduction was tremendous fun.


The team developed the creative concept of a journey to Mars as the basis for an online web portal.  From the site, users can access a wide variety of technical documents and presentations that explain the features and benefits of the new release.  In this case, getting there is half the fun.

Join the mission to the Martian JMP Dome
Join the mission to the Martian JMP Dome

 To access the web portal, users select an avatar persona for a brief JibJab-style animated journey to the red planet.  The creative team of writers, designers, artists, videographers, and editors combined video elements with graphics and animation to build the presentation.  The team also developed other assets to complete the creative concept.  (Look for part 2 and 3 of this post.)


Not all clients are so willing to allow a creative team so much freedom.  The JMP Marketing team gave us a lot of latitude and ultimately pleased with the results.  Trust goes a long way.


While the fun elements of the assignment are the most visible, there were many other communication activities.  Twenty two software demonstrations were recorded using Camtasia Studio.  A video webcast was delivered live from the campus of Georgia Tech.  Customer events were held simultaneously at eight locations across the US.  Collateral was produced for both marketing and technical support.  And let us not forget the t-shirts and other paraphernalia!


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