Mission to Mars – Part 2 of 3

This chimp is no chump.  Yesterday in part one this post, I shared some background about a recent project just completed for the JMP team at SAS.  One of the communication objectives was to bring a bit of amusement to the launch of their most current software release.  The addition of Dr. Julian M. Peabody (aka Bobo) helps meet that objective.



The short video was done in the JibJab style to match other creative elements of the campaign.  It was developed by Robert Reed, our senior editor on staff.  Robert used After Effects to create the mouth movement for Dr. Peabody and the TV reporter.  The facial expressions, blinking eyes, and arm movements were done in final post using Avid DS.


Rowell Gormon of Voices2Go did a wonderful job with the voice styling for both Bobo as well as the reporter.  He also plays the on-camera role… that of the reporter.


If you check out part three of this post, you can see more of Robert’s great work and hear more from Rowell.


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