Mission to Mars – Part 3 of 3

This is the final post about communication support for the most recent software release from the JMP team at SAS.  Continuing the creative design concept, a third video was developed in the JibJab style.  Done to add humor to the market introduction of a new release, this short video continues the theme of space travel.


The program showcases more of the wonderful edit work done by Robert Reed, senior editor at SAS.  It also shows off the multi-talents of Rowell Gormon from Voices2Go.  For more information about the production aspects, read the second post in this series.


It’s not often that producers are given as much leeway to create and develop off-the-wall ideas.  I am very grateful to the JMP Marketing team for their trust and support.  They took a risk, but it was a risk worth taking.  Since the successful introduction of JMP® 8, several other marketing groups at SAS have asked about doing something similar.  Time will tell if they are equally willing to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”


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