Beautiful Smile – Nice Promotion

Every business needs some amount of promotion.  Heck, even the CIA promotes itself with a presence on the World Wide Web.  But for a small business, promotional expenses can take a bite out of the bottom line.  One small business has found a unique way to promote itself and make people smile… while making an impression.

Village_Dental_VW Every morning on my way into work I drive past a shopping center and parked in the last row, nearest the street, is this rolling billboard for Village Dental.  I don’t know the dentist or anything about his practice.  What I know is that at least half a dozen people I work with have commented about the VW bus and mentioned the promotion.

 There are several Laws of Small Business Advertising, and Village Dental successfully makes it works.  First, Create Curiosity.  The rolling billboard grabs people’s attention and gets noticed.  Second, Be Easy to Contact.  There’s a phone number, a web address, and the office is located just across the parking lot from the van.  What more do you need?  Third, Use One Message.  Smile, it couldn’t be more focused than that.

 I’ve a dentist with whom I am very happy.  But if I needed a dentist, I’d be sure to check our Village Dental.


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  1. Debra Stamp on

    Nice job shining the light on a small business best practice, Tom!
    These practical, ‘real world’ examples are more meaningful and relevant to business owners than the many general ‘steps to success’ out there today.

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